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Wed. Dec 26th, 2018

About Us

The idea to develop the website is to give information about various places and to provide basic knowledge. This can be useful for exams as there is basic information related to different topics that can be useful.  It encapsulates different year questions and answers of various competitive exams that can be useful for future exams or to know the important basic knowledge.

There are three basic categories. One is related to Tourism and Knowledge, one is gerenal information on different topics and one is Student section in which there  will be different questions and answers related to different exams based on the best of our knowledge and from different sources so to help out the students to provides basic and to-the-point Q/A. We will continuously encapsulate all the related information day by day.

Launched on August 3, 2018, gyanuk.com is an informational and educational portal. Initially envisaged to be a site dedicated to knowledge and tourism related to Uttarakhand only, but going forward it is a site about everything related to current affairs, news and any information that can be useful for any age group.

Gyanuk.com provides 360 degree information to the visitors of all ages. Though highly focused towards the youth population because of unique interest about knowledge, tourism and information related to different topics. It reaches out to majority of the net users through its Desktop site , Forum, Mobile.

Gyanuk.com is a unique brand which connects to Indians as well as foreigners all over the world through the deep knowledge and information of Uttarakhand, India and World.

This portal has been constantly innovating , improving and providing a wholesome and complete knowledge and information. No doubt gyanuk.com will help  hundreds of citizens from all over the world.

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