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Thu. Dec 27th, 2018

Bagwal festival at Devidhura Uttarakhand

The video is about famous bagwal festival of Uttarakhand that is celebrated on Raksha-Bandhan at Devidhura. Devidhura, located in the triumph of three of the highest mountain stations in Uttarakhand: Almora, Nainital and Champawat are not only known for their beauty, but for the bougainville. It is included in the layout of Maa Varahi Temple (Barahi) Devi on Raksha Bandhan.

People gather on ground and at 2:00 P.M. onwards it is played.People make two groups and throw stones at each other. It is called as stone war. The Bagwal festival, a popular daytime attraction of Raksha Bandhan in Kumaon, was divinely light in Devidhura, in the village of Champawat. The party is famous for its ritual on “petite head”. In any case, after the Uttarakhand court intervened in 2013, the feet were replaced with fruits and flowers. “This year, Bagwal is played for about eight minutes at a time and we have organized about six volumes of fruit for the occasion,” said Lakshman Singh Lamgharia, head of comrade Barahi Devi.

Bagwal has its origins in mythology. The story is that the land of the village Devidhura belongs to the goddess Barahi Devi. After the devout Democrats, four detachments of Devidhura, namely Walik, Chamyal, Gaharwal and Lamgharia, known as “kham”, praised the goddess of saving his life. The goddess agreed, but went back to asking for the human sacrifice to come to her every year.

This continued for a while until a year, the mother of a man near the sacrifice was praying for mercy. They grant them on condition that, when a year, the people of the Quadras Khamas arrive to each other, until their blood is equal to a human sacrifice.

Therefore, every year on the day of Raksha Bandhan, the members of the four clans gather in the temple site. While Gaharwal wood turban lanterns, Chamyals table pink, Lamgharias and Waliks can white turban. The Ghjulevani and Chmieli are in one part that Waliks and Lamgharias are elsewhere.
Traditionally, Bagwal participants are forced to shave another while trying to save the others’ army with bamboo scandals.

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