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Sat. Dec 29th, 2018

Tourism: The largest lake of Kumaon Bhimtal

The lake is situated 10 km north to Kathgodam and 22.5 km east to Nainital. It is the largest lake from all the lakes in Kumaon. It`s length is 1,674 meter, width 447 meter and depth is 26 meter. It is like triangle in shape and surrounded from mountains from three sides. There is a facility of boating in it. The color of water is of dark blue. It is famous for Lotus. There is an island in between of the lake. It is famous for different varities of butterflies, birds, etc.

Bhimtal is also much larger than “Nainital”. Nainital Bhatti Bhimtal has two pillars, called Malli and Tallital, both connected by road. The distance from Nainital and Bhimtal is 22.5 km from the same time. From this place, the Gaula River appears, which flows more through Haldwani and joins the Ramganga River. Before the discovery of Nainital, people used to give importance to Bhimtal. Being “big”, the famous rhythm of Bhimtala may be well known. But some researchers associate this rhythm with Pandu-son Bhima. It is said that Pandu-son Bhim dug the earth and discovered the great talent here. Well, here is the Temple of Lord Shiva in Mahadev. This is an ancient temple, perhaps the place of Bhim or built in the memory of Bhima. Bhimtal is an ancient place on behalf of Bhima of Mahabharata.

The temple of Shiva, located on the banks of Lake Bhimtal, is believed to be a “temple of Bhimshwar”. This temple was built when Bhima visited this place in Pandavas in exile. Even today, this temple is known as the temple of Lord Shiva and worshiped. The current temple was built in the 17th century by Paz Bahadur (1638-78 AD), King of the Chand Dynasty and King of Kumaon. Bhimatala became under British rule after the Anglo-Nepalese war (1814-16), when Nainital became the summer capital. Bhimtal is between 150 and 160 years old from the city of Nainital. The old pedestrian road is still in use, connecting all the areas of Kumun near Kathjodam and even in Nepal and Tibet.


The most important feature of this rhythm is that it is located in the beautiful valley and in closed Aanchal. In this middle of the rhythm, the island is used as the “Bhimtal Aquarium”. Through which the beauty of this rhythm increases dramatically. The boats are ready to reach the island. When you reach the island, you can see the fish of different types of sea and lake. Here, the Ministry of Tourism built a 34-bed house.

Near Bhimeshwar Temple is one of the sources of the Gargi River known as Gola Nadi in the region and is established in Garg Parvat or in the village of Gagar in the Nainital region. About 2 km from Bhimtal is Tal Damyanti Nal, a small natural lake. It is believed that the palace of the famous king Nala drowned in this lake. It is a very sacred place for the people of the region. About 5 km from Bhimtal is the famous lakes group known as Sattal, which is an attraction for nature lovers. The clear waters of the lakes surrounded by dense forests and the sound of birds is a great experience. Hill near the lake known as Hidemba Parvat. You get her name from Demon Hidimba de Mahabharata. Vinhhandi Maharaj, a monk and ecologist, lives on the hill now and has created a sanctuary for wild animals around the hill. The area is known as the Ashram Vankhandi.

Karkotaka Hill is supposed to owe its name to Karkotaka, the legendary cobra. Hill is famous for the temple of Nag in the region and in each Ranc Panchami thousands of people visit the temple and worship the Maharaja Nag Karkotaka. This is one of the famous Nag temples in the Uttarakhand region.
Fisherman Baba Ki Mazar is a place where people come from different areas of Bhimatal and nearby places every Thursday for worship. It is an example of unity in diversity because people of different faiths (Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians) visit this place, apart from this, the center of attraction of this shrine is its location. You can see the entire lake, dam and island from its place and also near places like Jhangaliyagaon, Nakuchiyatal.

There are many activities that one can participate in Bhimtal. Trekking, trekking, and hiking through nature are some of the activities that tourists tend to enjoy during their visit to Bhimtal. Boats in the lake, which are larger than Lake Naini, are also a viable activity for tourist couples and honeymooners. Being a popular tourist destination and near to Nainital, Bhimtal is a desirable tourist attraction.





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