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Fri. Dec 28th, 2018

How to Link Paytm with Aadhaar

How to Link Paytm with Aadhaar

In this knowledge and learning article we are providing you proper steps how to link your aadhar with your paytm wallet. The process to link Aadhaar to Paytm for KYC completion is very simple. If one fails to provide valid KYC details and link Aadhaar to Paytm for KYC completion, he won’t be able to transfer money to Paytm wallets and other accounts.
As all of us know everything is now getting digitized. If you are not carrying hard cash with you for any current time and you want to pay, you can pay it by paytm. Everyone should know how to use paytm and how to transfer money from your paytm wallet. Everyone is using paytm and it can help one to pay any type of bills any time. Paytm offers discounts, cashback and many other benifits to user. One can pay electricity bill, recharge metro card, recharge mobile, purchase from paytm and may other things that can be done by paytm. If you want to transfer money to someone or to purchase any product through paytm and to avail maximum discount, it is necessary that your paytm account is linked with your aadhaar no.
It is compulsory  for new users to provide the required KYC details for completion of KYC during the sign up. For KYC the users are required to provide their valid ID card details. By filling the KYC requirement the customers will be able use their account. However until the full KYC process is complete the users will not be able to keep more than 10K in their Paytm wallet, also they will not be able to send money to other accounts.


Steps to link Aadhaar to Paytm for KYC Completion

1: Download patym app in your smartphone.

2: Open the Paytm  and go to ‘Home Page’.

3: Click on ‘Link Aadhaar’ icon.

4: Enter Aadhaar number, your name and proceed to the next step.

5: Now enter your address and ‘Request an Appointment’.

6: After successful completion, you will be given an appointment in 48 hours.

7: On the due date, time of your appointment visit the Aadhaar centre with original Aadhaar card  for verification.

8: At the centre  show the original Aadhaar, PAN card  and the Paytm registered  mobile number to the agent.

9: After entering the details agent will ask for your fingerprint in order to complete the KYC using bio-metrics process.

Once it`s done you are ready to use it. 

A) Find Paytm Center near you

To complete the KYC  with Paytm a Paytm user will have to visit the nearest Paytm KYC center. The user will verify documents at the nearest Paytm KYC center.
But how one get to know about the nearest KYC Paytm center.
1: The first thing  is to switch on the location of your phone.
2: Now open your Paytm App.
3: Then you will get the option for ‘Nearby KYC Point’. You can also go to the ‘Menu’ option and click on ‘Nearby KYC Point’ to get to know about the nearest Paytm center.
4: After clicking on the ‘Nearby KYC Point’ you will get two options (A) Complete Your KYC and (B) Pay with Paytm.
5: If you are willing to complete your KYC you can choose the first option and a list of all the nearby Paytm KYC centers will appear on your screen.
B) Call Paytm customer careCall Paytm Customer Care at 0120-4456-456. The customer care person will guide you through the process. They may even send an agent at your residence or office to complete the KYC. You should keep your aadhaar no. with you at the time of call or when the agent come to your office or residence.


Benefits after linking Aadhaar to Paytm

A  KYC verified user of Paytm can keep the balance of wallet up to 1 lakh. Users who have completed the entire verification process can easily transfer money to other wallets and bank accounts.There are a number of benefits like zero minimum balance, zero digital transaction fees, 100% cashback and others. Fully verified KYC user can also access a number of discounts and offers by Paytm.



Paytm offers Rs. 200 cashback on linking your Aadhaar with Paytm wallet for the completion of KYC process. Use coupon code PAYTMKYC200 to avail discount on Paytm.

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