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Wed. Jan 2nd, 2019

Tapta Kund

Tapta Kund as the name suggests is a hot water pond situated near Badrinath Temple in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at about 3,000 meter above sea level. The water comes from ¨Garur Shila¨ and falls into a concrete stone tank. It is located in between Badrinath and Alaknanda river.

Tapt Kund is the residence of Lord Agni and is famous for its medicinal properties. Before entering the Padrinath Temple, one must take a sacred dive at Tapt Kund. It is believed that immersion in the hot water of this Kund renews spiritually and relieves sins.

Tapt Kund is a collection of natural sulfur springs located on the bank of the Alaknanda River, next to the Badrinarayan Temple. It is said that when Lord Vishnu was happy with Agnee Dev, he was given a grace to stay in a kund form here. The kund can burn the sins of all the worshipers who come to take a holy dip in the Kund. It is a miracle that these hot springs lie in the midst of the existing low temperatures. In fact, Nature does not stop our surprise. It is also considered that kund is therapeutic and possesses medical properties. Diving here is a good treatment for dermatology.


According to the Hindu beliefs that lead the rituals, people do rituals of ancestors in Kund represent their heavenly journey and ensure that their lives are at peace. It is necessary to have a sacred bath in this Lord Agniis kund before entering the temple of Badrinath. For the purpose of cleanliness, the bathroom area includes separate supplies for men and women. The natural temperature of water is 50 ° C and gradually increases with the day progress. Then, when in Badrinath, perform Agni Teerth which is thought to wash all your sins.

There is another Kund near Tapt Kund called Narad Kund where it is said that the current image of Badrinarayan was found by Uday Shankaracharya. Pilgrims do not usually bathe here and the Canad is sacred. Around the Kund area, there are 5 large stone rocks known as Panch Shilas are considered sacred by worshipers. Narad Shila is located next to Tapt Kund, and is said to be a great lover of Lord Vishnu, Bhakta Narad used to living here. Garud Shila is located on the way to the temple of Kund towards the temple. Nershema Sheila, Farahi Sheila and Marcandia Sheila are hiding in the waters of Alaknanda.

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