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Sat. Dec 29th, 2018

Tourism Elliptical shaped lake Nachiketa Tal

tourism-nachikaeta tal

Tourism Elliptical shaped lake Nachiketa Tal

Settled in the midst of the thick pine and oak woods Nachiketa Tal is a treat for the eyes to appreciate and a delightful tourism place. This clean lake is arranged at a rise of 8074 ft or 2453 meters above ocean level, in the east of Uttarkashi area. It is situated at a separation of 131 km from Gangotri and 29 km from Uttarkashi. As per a nearby legend, this lake was made by Uddalak and was named after his child Nachiketa. The 10-year-old Nachiketa established the entryway to damnation and, reality behind life and passing. 

There is a little temple devoted to Nag Devta which is visited by the villagers amid Nagpanchmi. The villagers take a heavenly plunge in this lake amid Nagpanchmi and enchant in profound happiness. One can likewise respect an all encompassing perspective of Banderpoonch crest on the west of the lake. 

The climbers frequently trek to this great place which seems, by all accounts, to be a scene of a fantasy. The rhododendrons, the thick woods and the oceanic life pull in the climbers. The course is loaded with soul reviving perspectives of the Himalayan pinnacles which you can appreciate while climbing.

The lake is situated at a height of 2453 meters high above ocean level to upper east of Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand and about 200m long and 30 m wide at its broadest focuses having the profundity of 7 m. It is curved fit as a fiddle and medium in size and has no perceptible bay and in addition outlet. Common channels are the main wellspring of water for the lake which are overseen by the lush vegetation around the lake. It is very conceivable that the lake is a misery in a conceivable fissured zone which may open into the submerged springs bolstering the lake constantly. 


Nachiketa Tal can be effortlessly available as Garhwal area is between connected by motorable streets from real urban areas of India. Explorers can begin their adventure from Delhi either by transport or prepare and achieve Uttarkashi. After achieving Uttarkashi, the voyagers can employ a navigate to achieve Chaurangikhal which is 30 km far from Uttarkashi. A 3 km trek from a small village called Chaurangi Khal on Uttarkashi-Lambgaon engine street will make you achieve this lake. A scarcely 3 km climb will make you come to the tranquil Nachiketa Tal.

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