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Tue. Jul 2nd, 2019

Tourism: Lake of nine corners Naukuchiyatal

Tourism: Lake of nine corners Naukuchiyatal

It is 26 km from Nainital and 5 km from Bhimtal. It is situated at the height of 1,292 meter. It is the deepest lake of Kumaon region with length of 950 meter, width 680 meter and depth of 40 meter. There are nine corners of this lake and it is said that all of its nine corners can not be seen from one point. There is a facility of boating in this lake. One can see various breeds of birds here.

Naukuchiatal, a picturesque little village on the lake is a destination for those looking for tranquility and tranquility under pure nature. This place is located within a certain distance of the lively Nainital Mountain Resort, and this place is also associated with legend. It is said that a glimpse of the nine corners of the lake with both feet on the ground can make the spectator disappear in smoke to reach Nirvana. With many opportunities to rejuvenate your body and soul, Naukuchiatal has a beautiful natural environment and a charming lake.


The beautiful climate throughout the year and many attractions such as lakes and temples ensure that your trip is a tempting experience. Beautiful panoramic view, good weather. You can visit throughout the year. Famous for its activities: rowing / parachuting / fishing. The temperature can drop very low (0-20 ° C) during the winter, producing chills in the spine. The place is a perfect place for nature lovers. Also, for people who are looking to revitalize and renew their minds and souls. Perfect for those looking for a relaxing weekend in nature.

If you are passionate about adventure sports, you can add boating, sailing and fishing to make your holiday adventure and full of wonderful experiences. Boat rides are one of the most popular and mandatory activities when visiting the lake at 9 corners. Paragliding is one of the most popular adventures in Uttaranchal. What about enjoying the panoramic view of the picturesque place with industrial wings at the back? Fishing is recommended for those looking for a very relaxing weekend by the lake. You can try it in a nearby place called Jungligaon.

It is believed that this lake was created after Brahmaji worship and that there is a small temple dedicated to Brahmaji located near the guest house Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. According to local residents, anyone who makes a lake parikarma will be blessed by Brahmaji.

Although this place is famous for Lake Magnificient, this scenic location offers a variety of other charms. Naukuchiatal is one of the natural wonders of Kumaon, and is an ideal place to enjoy the charming collections of rare butterflies and the colorful Himalayan birds. Surrounded by forests and deep forests, Naukuchiatal is a beautiful place to tempt all visitors with its lavish charm. The forest is home to animals and plants in the Himalayas and hiking in nature through this forest will give you the luxury of a wonderful landscape. A pleasant stroll through the lakeside banks lined with trees is a miraculous experience.

In addition to green mountain ranges and iridescent blue waters, this mountain complex offers many wonderful choices for tourists. Nature can be found in full bloom and the panoramic view of mother nature can not be represented in words. In this beautiful location, the promenade offers exciting challenges such as paragliding, fishing and fishing. Taking a boat ride through the misty lakes and thinking about nature in full bloom would be a wonderful scenario. Naukuchiatal will delight hikers with a rare adventure activity of parasailing. Naukuchiatal is conveniently located in the magnificent peaks of Kumaon and can be the most beautiful location in this mountainous terrain. Its lush valleys, dynamic orchards and oak forest offer charming and attractive attractions that give any visitor a sense of renewal. A picturesque place with a range of beautiful lakes and magnificent landscapes, this mountainous terrain offers a very enjoyable holiday.

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